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Statement regarding the genetic mRNA experiment injections.

According to a growing number of reports and experts, those who have already been drawn into these large-scale gene therapy experiments, without any hint of informed consent, and without careful scientific follow-up (as is the norm in human experiments), are themselves some kind of propagation risk and thus also pose a danger to eco-genetic humans outside the experiments.  It goes without saying that eco-genetic humans must be kept genetically intact in case the participants in the experiments are destroyed by these experiments in terms of reproduction, etc., if the entire future of humanity is not to be jeopardised by this nefarious enterprise.

A number of experts now agree on this great danger and believe that those drawn into these experiments, as well as those infected by the injected, must wear a clear yellow tag so that genetically uninfected people can keep a distance from them, in order to ensure the survival of the human species.

It is possible that some of the suppressed but according to experts and experience effective cures for COVID disease may also provide protection against the injecting disease, e.g. Ivermectin apparently blocks the spike protein that the injections cause the injected's cells to produce.  Perhaps a 100% treatment of everyone with such cures could give uncompromised eco-genetic humans protection against being infected by those compromised by the injections, but until this is investigated, all injected and those infected by them should be kept at a distance from the uncompromised, which for example can be done by making it a legal requirement that those injected and those infected by them wear a clear yellow badge when they are out in public and that they are not allowed to mix in workplaces etc. with uncompromised humans.

In this emergency, WIHLOC of Godland therefore establishes the law of separation of gene-poisoned and eco-genetic humans.  Go to WIHLOC WIHLOC of Godland proclaims Separation Law of gene-poisoned and eco-genetic people.  Unfortunately not available in English, only in Swedish.

The Monarch Leif I,
Monarchy State Sweden, in Indigenous Venned Sea area of Godland,
3'rd of May 12021, commonly called 2021.

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