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Sent to Ditta 2021-09-22 00:40:35 UTC, translated:

Melania and Trump enabled, very consciously of what they did and how they did it, the timeline in which the transhumanism agenda by acceleration of its timetable was brought into self-destructive self-oscillation and should for this extremely important spiritual role they took upon themselves to play have the utmost respect, which they will also enjoy when those who remain in this timeline look back at what has been and understand what has happened.

Those who are unable to see what it is they have supported even when it is made as over the top as it is now made, everything is so exaggerated that only those who refuse to see do not see, but they are many, these many have already taken their lethal injections with delayed effect and will not be left.  It is true that there are an awful lot of children and even pets that need to be cared for in the future, as you have pointed out elsewhere, and it is not forgotten.  Now that the awakening is beginning in earnest among those who are capable of seeing what it is they have supported and who are capable of changing, it will soon be possible to put this on the agenda as well.  Romana has already begun.  She says, by the way, that she is the chosen one, that she has the spiritual contract.  However, I do not interpret this as meaning that there needs to be conflict with other good leaders who are working according to the same cosmic plan.  Of course, it has nothing to do with "replacing the Pope".  The Pope is not to be replaced, he is made irrelevant and perhaps executed.  It is spiritually very dangerous to take the position of "replacing the Pope" because everything in that energy will be eliminated.

You have misunderstood the role of Melania and Trump.  I can see it not least from the sentence below, here spelled correctly:  'We have no contract with Trump and Melania, and they have no worthy financial system'.  Nor should they "replace the Pope" because they do not deserve death as they have done us all a tremendous service.  Anyone who "replaces the Pope" suffers death, that is the reward for replacing the Pope.  Ditta and Leif do not deserve death for our work either and should not "replace the Pope".  No one should "replace the Pope" because as I said he is not relevant in the restored true planet.

Although we do not share the same understanding of what on a deeper level is going on I feel I should show acknowledgement for seeing your original connection to the Germanic tribes, Ditta is also a Danish name which is very interesting that you bear as Denmark comes from the tribe of Dan which is NOT a Jewish tribe, that is why it is not listed in the book of revelation.  It is gentiles, as Jesus may also have been as he came from Galilee, the land of Dan.  I myself have roots also in Odense, Denmark.  Odense, Oden.  We both have strong roots in strong tribes.  However, for me it is a necessity not to get in the way of the cosmic plan.  Therefore, I am very sensitive to it and work with, not against, it.

Ditta replied 2021-09-22 08:02:18 UTC, translated:

Fine, thank you.  LoveOrder is not in the way of good.  Through the Pope's replacement with Ditta, the Death Cult becomes the LoveOrder and immediately throughout the whole pyramid inquisition ceases, how we communicate it without resistance is the art.  Ditta

Note that Ditta now do NOT include Leif, who are now NOT included in whatever happens to Ditta due to refusing the warning.  A similar warning came 23.09.21 03:19 UTC:


Romana Didulo @romanadidulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada @romanadidulo, [23.09.21 03:19]

There's also a feminine energy that carries a very jealous and envious energies.

Let me give you a heads-up, Sis.

Drop your jealously and envy of me because I can very clearly tell you that if you don't stop - you will lose your financial wealth, your health, and your families - that's the divine Karma you are creating for yourself...that will be delivered to you very rapidly.

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