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Statement regarding the paranoia that is spread by media and by the fake government etc that media are upholding.

The Peoples State Kingdom of Sweden, within the jurisdiction of Love Order of Godland, with it's Peace and Government Declaration for Monarchy State Sweden, within the jurisdiction of Love Order of Godland the 4:th of November (1)2018 (Freds- och Regeringsförklaring för Monarkin Staten Sverige, i urfolks Östersjöväldet av Gudalandet/Godland den 4 november (1)2018) have never approved any paranoid crown sickness measures and definitely not approved medical execution for the slightest ailment at old peoples homes.

The fake government that the media are upholding, formed AFTER our Government Declaration, and the institutions it allows to continue without the by us mandated major reworking of governing legal documentation under original peoples, indigenous peoples and citizens rights, have no lawful authority to interfere in the comings and goings of people and definitely not to influence people to kill each other or to create conditions that result in people killing each other.

The Monarch Leif I,
Monarchy State Sweden, in Indigenous Venned Sea area of Godland,
12'th of November 12020, commonly called 2020.

Relevant attachment, is under Order on the Swedish version of the first page:  Direktiv om omorganisation av Regeringskansliet m.m. 17.06.(1)2020.

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