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Part 2

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Dear people of Germany and
dear people all over the world!

In a second part, I would like again to briefly summarise here what it is all about:

Never never again we need a corrupt, weak, crazy or simply king, who "rules" his "sub-jects".  There is no longer any question of people being "sub-servient" to others and of "governing" in our best future.
The King of Prussia, however, through his special and valid Sovereign Rights, which have never been legally abolished, holds the key at the highest legal level of the world, which legally dissolves the political systems.

Why do I even know that I have inherited the Sovereign Rights of the King of Prussia, etc.?

Since the truth has been deliberately and systematically withheld from us, we can only approach the truth indirectly and we must work our way towards it.
This applies to everyone, including myself.
When history is deliberately falsified, as happened in Germany in an extreme way, there is a degree of fineness that can no longer be falsified.  That is why the initiatives are so important, calling on everyone to look at the walls and the area in every place, to listen closely to the old stories and to call up the memories of the place, because every stone in every place cannot be faked.
I only noticed relatively late that my life was so strange, even though I grew up in a daily war against myself.  Many people - with both bad and good intentions - dropped clues, but I could not put them together for a long time.  Only when I followed the line of my ancestors backwards, from archive to archive on site, I found my ancestor and understood, why Emperor Wilhelm II had the e scratched out of the name Ratzeburg in documents.

So why do I know that my inheritance is these Sovereign Rights and that this is the truth?:
  •   Through this reverse engineering I found out from which ancestral line I descended and in what way:  By researching my origins on the spot, that is: in offices and archives, I went back the male line.  So I not only learned that during the reign of Emperor Wilhelm II the e had been visibly scratched out of the name Ratzeburg and thus there was forgery of documents, but also that my ancestor is Karl Friedrich Ratzeburg.  (See the film:  Legitimation).  It turned out that it was the name Ratzeburg that mattered, because in the old and still valid treaties the rights have only been superimposed by more recent history, but not erased.
      It turned out that official historical information does not correspond to this real ancestral line (see e.g. Wikipedia).  The archives of the Hohenzollerns and other private and secret archives are currently not available to the public.
  •   Through heirlooms that have been handed down to me by Karl Friedrich Ratzeburg.
  •   Thanks to many small and large tips from well-meaning people in Lüdenscheid, some of whom paid for it as described with their lives, their health or their freedom.
  •   Through many little remarks and hints of those who tried to harm me and felt very safe in doing so.
  •   Through numerous allusions in songs and films, which mention details that are partly known to no one but me and a few people (see e.g. Steven Spielberg: BFG (Big Friendly Giant) where the main character, the big friendly giant, has an unmistakable resemblance to my physiognomy; in the German version, clearly called Ratze (my everyday name in Lüdenscheid, my father used to be called that as well); my way of speaking is being imitated; one of the evil giants unmistakably bears the face of my former landlord, a lodge brother; the vegetables I can't stand is well known; the red hussar uniform of my ancestor Karl Friedrich is mentioned, etc. etc. etc.)

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  •   Due to an "error" by the administration in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, they let me see a part of the lists of my inheritance: most of the pages were blacked out, some could be read: there were quite astonishing things among them.
  •   My father, who at the end suspected the truth and wanted to warn me, was seriously ill at the time, one destroyed his ability to speak and he was murdered before he could communicate; a terrible trap was set for me.
  •   When I finally filed a complaint in autumn 2009 for embezzlement of my inheritance, a great deal was set in motion, not only in the FRG but also internationally.
  •   An attempt was made to buy my rights from me.
  •   Wherever I went, the most amazing people in the most amazing combinations appeared.  There were countless scenes where people wanted to "show me up" in the truest sense of the word.
  •   Throughout my life I lived in a most amazing war, in which there were weekly "accidents", provocations, strange situations, attempts to kill and deceive paired with attempts at humiliation and complete thwarting, as well as the setting of all kinds of traps.
  •   At the age of four, in the presence of two Vedic women dressed in black and my grandmother Martha, of Russian nobility, I was hypnotised and taught the knowledge of Kings.  This has only come back to me again when I suffered the shock of the truth: what my ancestry is all about.

Prussia and the King of Prussia, the German Soul and the German Spirit:
But what is Prussia all about?
An important element in understanding Prussia and the Sovereign Rights of the King of Prussia is the fact that:
  •   Prussia's territory was partly in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, but partly outside,
  •   Prussia was (and is) a bulwark against the Vatican (no civil death),
  •   Prussia is the bridge between the Germanic and Russian peoples,
  •   Prussia took a leading role for the German principalities through/since the November treaties of 1870,
  •   the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation still exists, as it was never correctly dissolved.

When the Vatican had taken over the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation through various self-empowerments and deceptive manoeuvres to drag the world into an abyss of torment, suffering and enslavement, resistance was possible from Prussian soil.
A number of capable princes opposed these efforts of the Vatican.

This country Prussia with these supreme Sovereign Rights, which remain untouched to this day but have been usurped by criminals, is "invisible".

So far, I am the "invisible" hereditary King of an "invisible" country whose contours are just emerging from the fog.

The usurpation of these Sovereign Rights has taken place unhindered since 1871, first by Bismarck and those behind him, then by various figures up to the present puppet government.  These Sovereign Rights have not only been usurped and abused, they have also been used to perpetrate the most serious crimes worldwide.

The National Spirit of the German people, its national Soul, has been battered like no other.
We can only reach the best future if we heal this National Spirit and Soul.
This is precisely here where the king is needed too.
Our maltreated National Spirit and our maltreated National Soul wants and must finally heal.

p. 4:

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This gave me, as the legitimate hereditary King by birth by the grace of God of Prussia (and thus by the course of history also of Germany), the age-old Royal task of reflecting in my own body, like a mirror, all that has been done to the battered National Spirit of the German people.
It is precisely the fact that fate placed me in this position, which was linked to manifold suffering that I first had to overcome, that makes the difference to a volunteer who applies for the "king's job".  The choice was not made by a panel of experts who accepted applications from candidates, but by my birth by the grace of God.

I understand the exercise of my task in the spirit of Frederick the Great.
The three "Frederick" rules of kingship are:
  •   The King has to provide for the right Law, he is subject to this Law himself.
  •   The king is the first servant of the state/the people.
  •   Every man and woman shall be blessed according to his/her own likeness.

Germany in its best future will not become Prussia, but with Prussia's help a sovereign body of state(s) will emerge with sovereign men and women - who will ensure spiritual development, friendship and peace with all the peoples of the world.

The German Reich in its historically so unfortunate alliance of the parliamentary-democratic national movement paired with the efficiency of Prussia above all as administration and military may and will never again exist.
The efficiency of the Prussians today still consists in individuals who - just like everyone else - live in the midst of the population and - just like everyone else - enrich it with their spirit and energy/vigour and their active will for peace.

A new, mental/spiritual, intelligent technology will neither catapult us into an AI world nor back into the Stone Age.  The so-called "German spirit" (in which Prussia among others played no small part) is ideally suited to this new technology.

We have been blessed with this beautiful, fine spirit, of which we will make the right use from today.  We use it to connect Heaven and Earth.  We are mediators.
We use this spirit to create, as individuals with dignity and strength, a future that is full of joy, love and living creative power.
On our joyful new Earth, it is no longer about quantity and the collective, but about the individual and the quality.

My task is being, existence: to be alive at all, to secure your perfect Sovereignty in the near future.  But my task is also the being there in the right moment, then, when everything tips over.  When the time has come, I am the guarantor for it to set up the set of rules: for all people.

In this time of upheaval of systems, in the process of liberating the people of Earth, I am the guarantor of your freedom and complete Sovereignty.

By the supreme legislative power of the BULLA of EARTH the hereditary monarchy and the inheritance of the throne were abolished.

In full awareness of my actions, by virtue of my free will, in order to serve creation and mankind, in the capacity of the lawful King of Prussia,  r e x   m a x i m u s,  I appointed in my will/TESTAMENT  (03.12.2022) as the heir of the Sovereign rights, which have fallen to me by birth and descent, through the course of history, all the people of that territory who lawfully belong to that territory to be the heirs of all the Sovereign rights and the respective collaterals associated therewith.

p. 5:

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Each and every one of these people has regained by the NEW AUREA BULLA of RELEASE (2021) as well as by the BULLA of EARTH (2022) his/her full human rights as an individual, in international law, as a cosmic being on Earth, subject to the cosmic Universal Laws of the Source of all being.  This goes along with an individual right of resistance against any possible governmental power.  By accepting this inheritance, each individual person thus serves as a guarantor for the enforcement and observance of the above-mentioned BULLAE and also as an executor of this TESTAMENT for his/her own freedom and the freedom of all, which, in accordance with these two BULLAE, is to be lived in harmony with the Universal Laws of the Creator, Source of all being.

I absolutely do not depart from this.

For this good future, there is nothing left for us to do but - each and every one individually - to become sovereign.
This is the only solution, the only way for people to move into a future full of dignity.

Germany will overcome the decades of gaslighting that so distorted people's perceptions, to shake off apathy and with a tremendous will to live as a master of reconstruction put all its strength into the service of humanity, in order to work together with all the peoples of Earth and in peace with them to build a truly beautiful world.

I accuse:
I accuse:  All the causers, the accomplices, the perpetrators of the torture and robbery of our children and of the murder of mankind of the gigantic murder of humanity, of the mutilation of humanity.

They will all receive their just punishment.
There will be a new jurisdiction because the previous one is not good for it.
There will be a new judgment, the Last Judgment.

The masculine fight continues and leads to the punishment of the criminals.
The feminine fight also continues, ending in the laughter of the world at the nameless arrogance and ridiculousness of the self-declared "world elite" of power.

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